Policy Not Polls

Our Policy Not Polls campaign in 2011 focused on the media, which make polls the story when they have nothing to say about the issues or the candidates in an election.

This campaign was ahead of its time, as demonstrated by the 2013 election in BC when the NDP were called to win by a large margin by the pollsters, but when the Liberal party won by a large margin instead. 

The pollsters were dead wrong. Media would have been better to focus on the candidates and the party platforms.

Read about it in The Star.
October 2011
What is Policy Not Polls About in this Upcoming provincial election?

Reclaim Our Democratic Canada is calling for the media, politicians and the public to participate in a fundamental exercise of democracy: getting out an informed, involved electorate on October 6, 2011.

The recent federal election and surrounding media coverage, which spent so much time and space on polls, neither inspired nor informed the public on any number of public policy questions. In the upcoming Ontario election, we are expecting, and working towards, a focus on important issues.